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Everybody wants to steal your attention on LinkedIn.


Inbound marketing can bring your business to the next level.

According to 99 firms:

  • Inbound marketing can be 10X more effective for lead conversion than outbound.
  • Organic search results can generate leads 5.66 times better than paid search ads.

Whenever I read best tactics or strategies for Linkedin, I wonder if the writer is echoing other marketing blogs or has done their own experiments.

Truth to be told, every audience is different; hence standardized advice can backfire.

I recommend everyone to…

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Every entrepreneur will come eventually in contact with the investment world. After failing in 2017, I came up in 2020 with the idea to create SaaS for VCs. Besides creating a product for premium clients who understood that time is money, I learned how investors make decisions.

Through my interviews and qualitative research, I noticed an entrepreneurial heuristic:

Founders overestimate the quality of data-driven pitching and underestimate the number of chances they get.

In the world of growth hacking, we collect data to validate our strategy towards the north star metric. The opposite is vanity metrics, in which we assume…

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A human rarely faces the world independently. Wherever life takes us, we can count on our friends, parents, and acquaintances to support us when we feel lost.

Sadly, the art of wandering seems only for backpackers in Asia and the occasional museum visit.

But what I told you, you can have a free adventure by pointing your thumb up, anywhere in the world.

It is called hitchhiking, or the craft of persuading strangers to give free rides. In some countries, you can even jump on moving trains.

Playing It Safe

I was one of those guys in high school who never took a…

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In my experience, the difference between pain and love is marginal.

Imagine a little boy standing all alone in the schoolyard, with a self-made mobile made out of hearts still in the gift wrapper. The BFF of my back then-girlfriend had dumped me on Valentine’s day when I was eight years old.

Love hurts. I cried, walking home. I made myself a promise. Never again, this pain. In the following years, I would repress any form of sexual interest, always reminding myself of the pain.

Pre- University

At 16 years of age, I had a sexual awakening. …

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I think if you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve got to dream big and then dream bigger. — Howard Schultz

Don’t fall for the romantic founder’s myth of a visionary who wants to change the world, overcoming all obstacles along the way.

Real entrepreneurs aren’t dreamers or opportunists. They are realists who research societies’ struggles until they find a problem-solution-loop to monetize

This story isn’t about why most entrepreneurs fail or how to succeed as a start-up. Instead, you will experience the emotional turmoil of my first start-up. So you can understand the discrepancy between entrepreneurial books and entrepreneurial life.

#Market Research is a B’tch

Business 101…

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“Life is just like a game, First, you have to learn rules of the game, And then play it better than anyone else.” — Albert Einstein

It took me a long time to understand why some people end up rich. Becoming rich isn’t a game of luck or wits. Wealth corresponds to a certain mindset or awareness of the concept of money. Let me walk you through.

#1 Be the master of your time

What is the secret currency of the world? People skills, capital, power?

No, it’s attention. A focussed mind can crystalize the wildest of dreams. Sadly, few take time to unleash its hidden potential.

— How to catch yourself before distributing fake news.

Two months ago, the Pentagon dropped this bombshell. Suppose you haven’t seen the video. I urge you to watch it right now — it will blow your mind.

Source: Guardian

The Official Pentagon Statement about the Video

First of all, a UFO or Unidentified Flying Object does not directly imply the existence of extraterrestrial life. Secondly, this not a story about an orchestrated coverup of the USA government. This blogpost is written so you can ask better critical questions when you study the obscure.

The noble quest to untangle a web…

Future, Opinion, Technology

— A thoughtful overview of the heated debate

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“All lies and jest, still the man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.” — Paul Simon

The wildest 5G network conspiracies circulate the internet. I will not take your valuable time by addressing them.

Most news articles, expert reviews focus on a specific area of the 5G society. The idea is to persuade you of their vision of the 5G world. If you take time to do a few Google searches, you will know that science isn’t conclusive on the potential risks of 5G.

To give you an…

— ‘The way you become world-class is by asking better questions’ — Tim Ferris

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What is the last time you have had a meaningful dialogue? Where you shared your dreams and fears — felt interconnected. In which time slowed down as if the weight world had been lifted from your shoulders.

I live for these moments.

To recreate such insightful experiences, I have done several social experiments to see if I could establish such a profound connection with everyone. The result is a set of principles to become a charismatic giant.

Start small, end big.

It takes skill to initiate a conversation with someone…

— a western reflection on eastern tradition

What goes around comes around. The belief that negative behavior leads eventually to a form of cosmic payback. Do you agree with this principle?

If you wholeheartedly answered YES. The follow-up question is, how do you know that others either positively or negatively interpret your social behavior?

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In western psychology, Freud, amongst other psychoanalysts, argues that a considerable portion of our lives takes place in an unconscious state. In other words, adults tend to shove unpleasant experiences under the rug. Instead of facing life’s challenges head-on, we actively suppress discomfort.

According to Jiddu…

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