A Taoist story

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Once upon a time, there was a miner who delved the riches of the mountain.

He had a hard life, working his ass off day and night, providing for his beloved family.

The boss of the mountain was a king who was powerful and wealthy.

The miner thought by himself; if I was the king of the mountain, nothing could stop me.

A miracle happened, and the miner became the king of the mountain.

— — — — — — — — —

The life of the king pleased the miner.

He felt powerful in letting his servants do his bidding.

His belly was well felt, and he could spend his time in the arts and on culture.

Though, some days, the sun would be so intense that he was locked inside because of the heat.

So the king made a wish:

‘If I were to become the sun, nothing could harm me or stop me.’

— — — — — — — -

Photo by Andy Hutchinson on Unsplash

Again a transformation happened, and the king became the mighty sun.

Like many men, immense power corrupted his soul.

So for fun, he scorched the people with his mighty flames of the sun.

Other days he would blind people from the truth or shine a light on the darkness of men.

The sun felt so strong that nobody could dare to lay a finger on him.

But when the wind came and formed clouds, they blocked his light.

Even the sun felt powerless.

Hence the sun wished to be clouds and the wind.

Sun transformed into the wind

— — — — — — — — — —

The wind continued tormenting the lands and animals, blowing everybody away, destroying everything in his path.

No men, animal or plants could stand in his way.

Hurricanes could shake oceans.

Animals could be thrown around by tornadoes.

And men could be plagued with typhoons.

The wind loved his tremendous influence on the environment.

But there was one thing who resisted all his raw power.

Like a thorn in his eye, there was this mountain who would stay right on his place.

The wind tried conjuring everything, but even the most extreme of weathers yielded to the mountain.

So the wind gave in and wished to become this unshaken rock of the lands.

Hence the wind became the mountain.

— — — — — — — —

Being this enormous rock he felt strong, no wind or sun could burn or blow him away.

And for some time the mountain felt content.

Neither time or environmental force could move me.

So the mountain felt asleep.

Some thousand years later, the mountain woke up.

His belly was tickling.

So he placed his awareness to the belly.

He wondered: ’Who dared to disturb the mighty mountain?’

There he found a dimwitted miner hacking away his precious rocks from the inside.

This simpleton could damage the mountain, where the sun and winds had failed bitterly.

So the mountain wished to be the miner, ending the circle of life.

— — — — — — — — -

The lesson here is that it doesn’t matter which form we occupy in this universe.

There is always someone or something more powerful; everything is a master of life in his distinctive way.

Hence we have to learn to recognize that our cosmic position is unison with creation, not separate.

Photo by Thomas Lambert on Unsplash

This text is # 6 of the 30-days creative writing challenge.




I am an entrepreneur and growth hacker who likes to tell a story. Let's connect👇 http://bit.ly/ruijs

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Jasper Ruijs

Jasper Ruijs

I am an entrepreneur and growth hacker who likes to tell a story. Let's connect👇 http://bit.ly/ruijs

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