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What is insightful CV worth nowadays?

According to recruiters, it is very important to show your personality, motivation, and experience on one page.

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Success versus failure

So when I am interviewing a client or solicitant, I am not interested in what experience he or she has or what kind of growth mindset they have.

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My Business Failures

Back to the title, here is a list of some of my failures.

  • Trying to manage a start-up by yourself, that requests investments of VC capitalists without being in an incubator program.
  • Working in the Crypto-industry because that is where the money is and where you can shine as a growth hacker.
  • Thinking that financial freedom is the highest ideal in life.
  • Hiring the cheapest freelancer, to save yourself in production costs.
  • Not putting a copyright on your marketing ideas.
  • Overestimation of niche potential.
  • Decision fatigue because of market research.
  • Difficulties with delegation.

The lessons I learned

Everyone has their shortcomings and unforeseen traps they run into when starting with entrepreneurship. No matter how many books or articles you read, you need some guidance if you want to transition from a wantrepreneur to a successful entrepreneur.

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Jasper Ruijs

Jasper Ruijs


I write short essays deconstructing systems and exploring innovative thinking. You can connect with me on Linkedin 👉