The Case for Modern Universal Rights

After seeing the eyeopening Netflix documentary The Great Hack, I realized that need to re-write the universal rights of men.

We should no longer tolerate the gap between the universal principles of men and modern living.

Besides the inclusion of data protection laws, we need to regulate more areas of life.

This text is my manifesto, of what the Modern Universal Rights of Men(MUROM) ought to include.

It extends the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


31.1. Collection of data can only be used to improve awareness or better one’s life circumstances.

31.2. The use of misinformation to fuel polarisation is illegal. Hence the weaponization of psychographics or information warfare means jail time.

31.3. Every individual has the rights to see a full report of his data.

31.4. Companies who sell data have to transparent about the influences on their customers and keep them at all times informed.

31.5. Governments are prohibited from accessing personal data.

31.6 Legal services can supinate access to personal data for criminal prosecution; depending on the case, the judge decides if that is appropriate.

31.7 Victims of data abuse should be adequately financially compensated after the judicial process.

Mental Health

32.1 Every individual has the right to be depressed, emotionally vulnerable, burned out, without facing dismissal.

32.2. Every individual has the right to be financially supported and educated on the mental health care system.

32.3. Psychedelics, amphetamines, and other psychoactive substances should be scientifically researched without scrutinization.

32.4. Children’s should be educated about the dangers of mental fog, reality distortions, and the weight of the world problems.

32.5. Meditation ought to be promoted by the medical community and government alike.

32.6. Every location which has 50 or more people present should have a meditation room/space available.

32.7. Religions and other spiritual practices have to brutally honest by their shortcomings.

32.8. The increase of awareness should be cultivated in any human being.


33.1 Every individual has the right to be loved, have friends and a family.

33.2. The government has to help those in need of human connection.

33.3. Social connectedness as a subject has to be mandatory in all education systems.

33.4. Flirtation, storytelling, ethics, persuasion, listening should be taught in high school.

33.5. Dancing should become a rite of passage.

33.6. Governments should promote ecstatic dance.

33.7. The principles of sexual freedom and equality have to uphold actively.

33.8. Gender differences should be abolished over time by teaching children about the performative element.

33.9. Children have to educated at primary school about LGTB life.

33.10. Sexual harassment or oppression is a criminal offense.

33.11. 70+People should be allowed to choose euthanasia, to decrease their environmental footprint, after psychological evaluation of bright mindedness.

33.12. Social training, like helping the elderly, refugees, or diseased, should be returning event through education.

33.13. People have the right to strike if the government does comply with the above principles.

33.14. Using the military, police, or politics to remove such a strike for MUROM, should be seen as a crime against humanity.

33.15. Nation-states have the responsibility to guarantee this freedom in the world by peaceful negotiations.

33.16. Military intervention or economic sanctions hurt the population, so are therefore by no means allowed.

33.17. No wars should be fought to create world peace.

33.18. Prime ministers and heads of states have to take at least three ayahuasca ceremonies on tape, to give them the planetal consciousness needed to serve this planet and the people.


Modern life is messy.

We have constant information overload.

Truth has become relative.

Relationships are hard to maintain.

Attention creeps away.

Hence we need better principles to create a serving philosophical foundation of the experience of life.

These should be codified, so everybody has access at all times to this information.

For reinforcement of MUROM, we ought to have a global consciousness.

We are getting there, be patient but stay proactive!

This blogpost is #23 of the 30-day blog challenge.

Note: This text contains my personal views on the matters of politics, health, and data. I am very well aware of my biases towards specific topics and stances. If you feel the need to discuss, I am always open to reply. But keep it civil s.v.p.



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Jasper Ruijs


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