There is No Truth in The Now

Doesn’t it look delicious? — Photo by Alex Jones on Unsplash


Congratulations, you have become aware of humanity’s hedonism -moderation clash.

The real question

My question is not why do have this constant struggle of choice.

Three sets of Rewards Systems

Before we enter the realm of evolutionary biology, I have to explain Ray Dalio’s three grades of rewards loops in the body, as discussed in the book Principles:

  1. Instant Gratification
Acknowledgment of desire in an instant — Attractiongym

The Evolution of instant gratification

Back in the days, people had to hunt and gather to have enough energy to survive the day. After eating fructose (the sugar of fruit), the body restored its energy levels faster and gained some vital vitamines to heal the body. So the brain made a mental note, repeat this more often. Hence evolutionary speaking the body will always crave substances that make life easier.

Emotional Growth

The second-tier reward system taps into the limbic system of the brain, where emotion and feelings are regulated. Our collective strife for happiness derives from endorphins. When we exercise the body destroys muscle fibers to rebuild stronger ones. During this process, we release endorphins, which creates runners high, or feelings of ecstasy during Ecstatic Dance.

Be yourself and take control of your emotions — Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Psychological Development

And then we have the third-grade reward system, which taps into our neocortex. Stoicism, Buddhism, Taoism teaches us to flow with life. Inspired by nature, these thinkers learned to tap into the nature of consciousness and discovered three simple truths.

Final Thoughts

When spirituality utters word enlightenment, people think it refers to what yogi’s call an eternal state of bliss and grace.

It takes years to muster the courage to do a handstand at such a spot. — Photo by Fatih Altas on Unsplash



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Jasper Ruijs

Jasper Ruijs

I write short essays deconstructing systems and exploring innovative thinking. You can connect with me on Linkedin 👉